Investment Management

Trust is the foundation of a productive relationship with any financial advisor, and the process of building trust begins with the very first meeting with a prospective client.  We are not in the business of selling any product or financial service, and we prefer to work with clients who share our deeply-held belief that superior long-term results can be achieved by remaining disciplined and harnessing the power of capital markets without speculating needlessly about short-term fluctuations in share prices.  We are passionate about asset class investing, and we enjoy sharing this passion for sensible, disciplined investing with our clients.

Financial Planning

We tailor our financial planning services to the needs of our investment management clients, whether our client are planning for an early retirement, the purchase of a new home, a charitable gift, or the arrival of a child.  From detailed budgets to Monte Carlo simulations, we offer an array of tools to help our clients realistically assess their financial health while setting achievable goals.  Please note that we do not offer financial planning as a stand-alone service, which allows us to maintain a focus on addressing the needs of our investment management clients.

Estate Planning

Everyone should have a good estate plan, but precious few individuals actually establish one.  Unlike most investment advisors, we don't need to send our clients who wish to create a strong estate plan to another professional for help.  Instead, our clients benefit from knowing that one trusted advisor can both (a) maximize investment returns while helping plan for retirement, and (b) ensure the orderly and tax-efficient transfer of assets to chosen beneficiaries.  In addition to drafting comprehensive estate plans for clients, we also maintains a network of trusted professionals who can assist with challenging issues such as incapacity and conservatorship.

Wealth Management.

Security in an Uncertain Financial World

Watching markets rise and fall daily is anxiety inducing, and completely unnecessary.  The majority of active investment managers struggle to match a major stock market index, and by trading frequently in a futile attempt outsmart other investors, they often leave their clients saddled with (a) less-than-ideal portfolios, and (b) sky-high fees and costs, which only further erode real returns.

So if the traditional active management model doesn't work well, and individuals seem to make even poorer investment choices then their brokers, what's one to do?  David puzzled over this for a decade as he analyzed hundreds of client portfolios.  After immersing himself in the discipline of asset class investing, he recognized that he had finally found an academically-based, data-driven, and market-tested approach that has produced startling results for decades.  While the academic rigor behind asset class investing is intriguing -- who doesn't like the sound of a Nobel Prize in Economics? -- it is the highly successful real-world application of the concept that makes it so appealing to our clients.

A Thoughtful Legacy

While beneficiaries certainly appreciate thoughtful bequests, one of the greatest gifts an individual can leave to his or her loved ones is an organized estate.  With a carefully constructed revocable living trust and other standard estate planning documents, the simplicity of settling an estate can be startling.  In the absence of a well-designed estate plan, the process of settling an estate can turn into a nightmare.  Grieving the loss of a loved one is certainly stressful enough.  Trying to manage a probate proceeding and make sense of a disorganized estate not only consumes precious time and resources, it also exacerbates the emotional strain of the process.

In his capacity as an experienced attorney, David enjoys helping clients establish and maintain a sensible estate plan by drafting the required documents.   As the investment manager for our clients, we can easily take any required steps to ensure that a revocable living trust is funded properly and probate avoided.

Estate Planning.

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